The Sound of Wine : Ring my wine.

2023-12-061 Min read
Listening to the Grape

On Tuesday 5 December 2023, the Napoleons community will have the opportunity to preview a new and innovative concept: "Ring My Wine”.


Developed from the vision of Thomas Hilbert, sommelier and founder of Gravity Wines, the Ring my Wine experience is a way of tasting wine adopting a geo-sensory approach. Feeling the wine rather than analysing it, listening to what's going on inside you: this experience is a step away from a purely narrative tasting. You don't need to be a wine expert; just let yourself be guided by your own sense of taste.


To enable attendees to participate in this experience, Ircam amplify sound designer Romain Barthélémy created sounds that would echo the four wines sampled during the evening. The aim was not to create the sound of a single wine but rather the sound of a particular tasting experience, a moment of savouring that could correspond to several wines.


The 50 participants were able to taste four wines and vote for the sound interpretations that best matched their taste impressions. A sound postcard of this very special evening was sent to each of the participants, and you can listen to it here.


Four wines and eight audio tracks were presented and developed during the evening, but the possibilities and combinations are endless.


Are you intrigued by this experiment? Would you like to be able to reproduce it? Do you have other ideas for creating sounds or for tasting wines?

Contact us at to find out more or to build a custom-made project!

See the video here

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