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Amplifying the powers of sound for your company.

Sound has the power to reshape the world around us. At Ircam amplify, we're on a mission to amplify the power of sound in our daily lives for you to connect with your environments in an immersive and empowering way. We're experts of the entire sound spectrum, offering a comprehensive approach that covers strategy, execution, and cutting-edge products and services.


Looking to stay ahead of innovation?
Our strategic and technological expertise empowers you to pioneer new business models and redefine the future of sound.

Our services


Audio expertise / Technical studies

Our experts in all areas of sound conduct a technical study upstream of the design phase and scale up the conception phase.


Prototyping and PoC

Our experts test different design assumptions and scale the development phase. They define the right metrics to determine the value provided by the product, using a highly iterative approach in the field.


Specific developments

We bring you the world's best teams of audio developers to help you develop solutions specific to your use cases.


Licensing of technological bricks

Giving you reliable and long-term access to our technologies.


API Store

API Store

Our API-based features, community-driven knowledge, and collaborative spirit redefine accessibility, efficiency, and scalability in audio technology. Whether you're integrating audio features or seeking state-of-the-art audio solutions, our store has you covered.

Selected Products

Through our shop, developers and creative industries can leverage Ircam-Centre Pompidou audio lab's best in class research for innovation, tailored to real-world use cases, easily and seamlessly integrated into their workflow.

AI Generated music detector
AI Generated music detector

AI-Generated Detector

Identify musical tracks generated by AI models

Audio shortener
Audio shortener

AI Re-editor

Generate a coherent shortened version of any track

Spatial audio
Spatial audio

Stereo to Spatial

AI-powered spatialization from stereo file


The Power of Sound for Tomorrow's Experiences. At Ircam amplify, our cutting-edge scientific and artistic expertise provides unforgettable experiences, with a unique approach that combines technology, psychoacoustics, and design.

Our achievements


L'Oréal - Le Visionnaire

Sound, a catalyst for creativity and interaction between L'Oréal employees.

Sound identity

Sound impact assessment for IFF

Measuring the impact of sound in e-commerce


Sound branding with the Louis Vuitton Light Up speaker

Disseminate the product's identity by sound


I didn't know if Ircam would be capable of doing this kind of work, but I did know that it was the place to get good, quality sound

Thierry Ardisson

At GoPro we are convinced that music plays an extremely important role in video editing. That's why it was natural for us to go to Ircam

Guillaume Oulès

We approached Ircam Amplify because it is the go-to company for new technologies related to sound and voice

Mélusine Harlé

Ircam Amplify showed us the power of sound

Guillaume de Lesquen

[It is] a tremendous opportunity for Believe to be working with some of the best audio researchers in the world

Denis Ladegaillerie

Used by the world's best companies

Sonic Chronicles

Stay in the loop with our latest sound innovations, industry updates and stories from the world of sound.

A Field Guide to Immersive Sound: How to Find Your Way Through the Different Formats, Technologies and Sound Experiences

A Field Guide to Immersive Sound: How to Find Your Way Through the Different Formats, Technologies and Sound Experiences

Talking Immersive Sound – The Glossary How did we come up with today’s immersive sound?...

The power of audio innovation

The power of audio innovation

Each client project presents an opportunity to meet their specific needs by developing cutting-edge innovative...

Listening to the Grape

The Sound of Wine : Ring my wine.

Ring My Wine is a sound experience designed by Ircam amplify and Gravity Wines, to...

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