The Vocal’iz app from MGEN

2022-03-151 Min read
The Vocal’iz app from MGEN

Taking care of your voice every day

The Vocal’iz app, developed by MGEN, in partnership with the French National Federation of Speech Therapists and Ircam, aims to create preventive health strategies for our voices and our speech.

Open to everyone, Vocal’iz was designed primarily for MGEN members, the vast majority of whom are teachers.

Vocal’iz, based on technology from the Ircam SuperVP Engine, analyzes voice frequency information and offers advice and practical exercises to help care for users’ voices on a daily basis. Vocal’iz is, at its core, a technology in the service of health, aligning it with the heart of MGEN’s mission.



  • Mélusine Harlé, Director of Prevention MGEN
  • Corinne Loie, Speech Therapist and MGEN Preventive Health Officer
  • Vincent Serrano-Guera, Digital Project Manager
  • Marine Chaumier, MGEN Press Officer

Ircam Amplify

  • Nathalie Birocheau, CEO
  • Frederic Amadu, CTO
  • Vincent Meurisse, Project Manager


  • Hugues Vinet, Director of Innovation and Research
  • Greg Beller

Researcher at Mixed Research Unit for Music and Sound Sciences and Technologies (the CNRS, Sorbonne University, the Ministry of Culture and IRCAM):

  • Axel Roebel, Head of the Sound Analysis and Synthesis team
  • Nicolas Obin, Professor-Researcher
  • Frédéric Bevilacqua, Head of the Sound Movement and Music Interaction Team
  • Riccardo Borghesi, Jean-Philippe Lambert and Diemo Schwarz

Photo Vocal'iz MGEN

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